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Business Overview Series

The Trust organises Business Overviews for Members of Parliament and Corporate guests where a prominent speaker from the business world is invited to talk on a subject that may be topical or be of specific interest to New Zealand and its economy.


Parliamentary Seminars are organised by the Trust for representatives of the Trust’s Corporate membership three times a year, normally in March, July and October.

These one-day introductions to the parliamentary system aim to illustrate how government is exercised through Parliament and to provide business people with an insight into the practical workings of the House, the effectiveness and limitations of Select Committees, the process of legislation and the programming of parliamentary business etc

Business-visit Seminars for Members of Parliament

These are one-day visits to the premises of a Corporate member and are designed to provide Members of Parliament with an introduction to a business organisation and an opportunity to widen their knowledge of business in general and a specific organisation in particular.

Trust Study Fund

In 2010 the Trust established a Study Fund, awarding two monetary prizes and a scholarship for postgraduate research into Parliament in the policy process and the wider community at Victoria University of Wellington. A scholarship was also established in 2014 at the University of Canterbury.

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the Trust is held in late March of early April.

Youth Parliament competition

The New Zealand Business & Parliament Trust has sponsored a competition for participants at each Youth Parliament since these were first held in 1997. The total value of the prizes is $3,000. In 2013, the Trust opened the competition to the use of four media forms - essays, recorded speeches, PowerPoint presentations and videos.  A total of 30 entries were received.

President’s Dinners

President’s Dinners are hosted three or four times each year by the President in the Speaker’s Suite at Parliament House. Their purpose is to thank the Trust’s Corporate members for their ongoing support of the Trust’s activities and to update them on future developments.


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