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Business Attachments

The objectives of these attachments are to provide MPs with intensive one-to-one introductions to a business organisation, to give an overview of key business functions and to encourage MPs’ understanding of the contribution business makes to the economy.

By seeing at close quarters how businesses are run, their economic and social environment and how decisions are taken and communicated, MPs are able to gain new insight into the needs, methods and thinking of the business sector.

Each study attachment features placement of a Member of Parliament with a “host” company.  The Member is attached to one of the Trust’s Corporate members for a period of one to three days.  The format of each programme has common elements to ensure the Member of Parliament is exposed to the company’s operations.

Secretariat writes annually to Members of Parliament inviting them to take up a business attachment but Members of Parliament are free to contact the Secretariat about an attachment at anytime during the Parliamentary calendar year.


In addition, each year a Corporate members hosts Members of Parliament at their premises for an all-day programme  to enable them to widen their knowledge of their particular company and its business.

All MPs who have attended the one-day Business Programmes for MPs have been impressed with the programme content provided which have offered real insights into the operations of the hosting Corporate members.  Presentations have been equally of a high standard and with plenty of scope for questions from individual MPs.  The feedback from attending members has in all cases been very positive with the comment “extremely informative and insightful day” best summing up the overall view on the value of each of one-day programmess. In 2018 Television New Zealand hosted a highly successful programme.  See our June 2018 Newsletter


As an extension of the Business Study Programme scheme, each year the Trust organises two Business Overviews where a prominent guest speaker is invited to talk to MPs and Corporate guests, on a subject that may be topical or have specific interest to those in the corporate world.

The aim of these Briefings is to enhance MPs’ understanding of the business world in general, the changes and developments taking place in it and to learn something of the impact of political decisions on the development of business. The events are hosted by the President of the Trust.

In 2018 Overview Speakers were Neal Barclay Chief Executive of Meridian Energy speaking on Climate Action -Making it our Business and Lisa King, social entrepreneur, CEO and Founder of Eat My Lunch.