Exercising Government through Parliament

The Trust held its first, delayed seminar on July 1st – Exercising Government through Parliament. Attendees received presentations from the following:

Rt Hon Trevor Mallard

Rt Hon Trevor Mallard spoke about the role of Speaker of the House and his role as the ‘Landlord’ of Parliament.

David Wilson

David talked about the role of the Clerk of The House

Michael Wood MP and Barbara Kuriger MP

Labour MP, Michael Wood and National MP, Barbara Kuriger spoke of the role of the Government and Opposition whips.

Hon Jacqui Dean MP

Hon Jacqui Dean MP gave attendees a rundown on Select Committees and making a submission.

Todd Muller MP

Former Leader of The Opposition, Todd Muller MP talked about The Opposition in Parliament.

Rt Hon Winston Peters MP

The Rt Hon Deputy Prime Minister informed attendees on Exercising Government through Parliament.

Tova O’brien

Spoke about Reporting Parliament.

Gareth Hughes MP

MMP at work and the role of political parties in the MMP environment.

Hon Damien O’Connor MP

Spoke about the role of a Cabinet Minister.

Kieran McAnulty MP, and Agnes Loheni MP

Labour MP, Kieran McAnulty and National MP Agnes Loheni talked about the role of the Member of Parliament.

In addition, attendees were also given the opportunity to tour Parliament and watch question time in The House. Thirty representatives attended from the following companies: Airway’s Corporation; Downer; Foodstuff’s; Landcorp; Lotto NZ; Merck Sharp and Dohme (NZ) Ltd; Mercury; Meridian Energy; Ministry of Primary Industries; NZ Post; Power Net; Russell McVeagh; Sanofi Consumer Health Care; Southern Cross; St John; Synlait Milkj Ltd; Todd Energy and Z Energy.