The Trust’s second seminar of the year was held in the Parliament Banquet Hall whereby Corporate Members were given a run-down on the internal workings of the New Zealand House of Representatives. Attendees were also introduced to the 2020 Trust Prize recipients, James Heath and Eilish Espiner in a special luncheon, emceed by the Trust Board Chair Mr. Peter Griffiths.

Rt Hon Trevor Mallard MP

Opened the session by discussing the role of the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Rachel Clarke

Spoke of the role of Cabinet and Cabinet Committees.

Rob Salmond

Rob gave seminar attendees an overview of the role of the Labour Leader’s Office with emphasis on nurturing and developing policy.

Pav Sharma

Pav gave attendees a run down on how legislation proceeds through the House and Select Committees, including information about committees as a whole as well as Royal Assent.

Alecia Sudden & Peter Stevens

Alecia and Peter gave our attendees an overview of the inner workings of a ministerial office, which included information on briefing officials, accessing the Minister via officials, and managing the relationship between a ministerial office and the Executive, Parliament, as well as departments and ministries.

Suzanne Townsend

As Senior Policy Manager for the Ministry of Education, Suzanne spoke about the policy environment, influencing policy, as well as the role Government departments play in the development and delivery of Policy.

The Select Committee

Corporate attendees were given a practical introduction to the purpose and role of Select Committees and partook in a ‘mock’ select committee process.

Gabor Hellyer, Clerk of the Justice Select Committee spoke about the purpose of Select Committee, what material is referred to a Select Committee, as well as making a submission, how submissions are processed and reporting back to the House.